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American Society of Missiology is proud to collaborate with the Overseas Ministries Study Center of New Haven, Connecticut in making available in our inaugural podcast series these fine lectures by leading scholars on a variety of missiological topics.  Suggestions for future podcast series may be emailed to asmwebpublications@gmail.com.  We are very grateful to Dr. Michael L. Sweeney for producing this podcast in collaboration with the ASM's Board of Publications.  We hope it is just the first podcast series of many to come!   


Andrew Walls_First African Diaspora and Its Mission to Africa.mp3


Andrew Walls_The Christian Chapter in the History of African Religion.mp3


Ian Douglas_The Church as Missionary Society.mp3


Jay Moon Orality and Scripture Use.mp3


Mary Mikhael_Arab Spring and Christians of the Middle East.mp3


Ruth Padilla Deborst_Faith and Life.mp3

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