Manuscript Submission

For Missology: An International Review: Most articles come from unsolicited submissions, which are always welcome. For information on how to submit a manuscript, please visit

For the ASM Series: Volumes in the Series are monographs on critical themes in mission studies. They are selected for their high merit and wide interest in the study of mission.  Correspondence regarding submitting manuscripts for review should be addressed to Robert Hunt at

For the ASM Scholarly Monograph Series: Authors wishing their dissertations or monographs to be considered for the Series must first submit an abstract, table of contents, and a letter explaining the relevance and importance of the study to the ASM Scholarly Monograph Series Editorial Committee Chair, James Krabill. If the topic is deemed of interest and appropriate, the Chair will request three hard (i.e., printed, not electronic) copies of the dissertation, one to each member of the Committee. These will not be returned. Members of the Series Committee, who may request assistance from expert readers on specialized topics, judge the dissertations. Every effort will be made to make a decision on the publication on the dissertation within three months.